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Friday the 13th, with a visible full moon (no small feat in Western Washington) and the streets of downtown Olympia overrun with celebrating college grads... for the superstitious types (or even just cautious) this would have been a night to lay low, sit in the dark and stare blankly ahead with the doors locked. Not in this town. Instead, Olympia was bathed in the rocking sounds of Full Moon Radio and The Prophets of Addiction emanating from the stage at the 4th Avenue Tavern.
Kicking off the evening was Captain Algebra; a doomy, sludgy, group of three young guys playing bass-driven rock with some weird Primus-style vocals. After a short 20 minute set, Captain Algebra cleared the stage for Full Moon Radio. FMR is a new local favorite. With a commanding all-female presence, they rocked the 4th Ave Tavern with some serious ferocity. After experiencing some minor technical difficulties (ironically blamed on the full moon on Friday the 13th), they launched into an impressive, crowd-pleasing, utterly ass-kicking set. About halfway through their set, the already captivated crowd reached a new level of excitement when bassist and vocalist Ali Baker produced a violin and lead a haunting introduction, giving the hard rock band a pleasantly surprising dark-wave quality. FMR is an incredibly important band on the rise, and if you haven't experienced them yet, you're missing out.

Next up was The Prophets of Addiction. They ripped through an extended set that got the whole room moving. Dancing around on stage and raising their guitars into the air, the crowd became electrified. Prophets of Addiction don't just play rock shows; they force the audience to experience their madness. With big hair, wailing guitars and frenzied drums, they delivered a true spectacle. Complete with extravagant eye make-up and flamboyant alter-egos, these guys are the crowned kings of glam. They've taken all the excess that was the 80's, weeded out the bullshit, added some truly astounding musicians, and are left with a glam punk/metal powerhouse. With gritty vocals comparable to The Supersuckers and guitars that could rival Eddie Van Halen, these guys have it all. Their image and stage presence is captivating and fun as hell without being gimmicky. Fresh off a 55-date national tour, it's great to see them rocking away the night in Olympia. June 14th marked the end of the tour with a show in Tacoma, WA, so fans will have to wait until Friday, August 1st at The Hub in Centralia, WA.

Ending the night was Ravages of Time (ROT). Self-described as an “Experimental Avantgarde Rock Power Trio,” they certainly did not fail to live up to their label. Experimental metal isn't exactly the most accessible form of music, but Ravages of Time pulled it off with grace. All veteran musicians, it was impressive to see them sharing the stage with some great local bands.

Friday the 13th, 2014 was a night of great music that sent scores of music-goers out into the night with ears ringing and minds ablaze over what they were treated to. With a bill like that one, it's no surprise. All four bands that played are busy making music and playing shows that are well worth the few dollars required. Supporting local music has never been this fun. 

June 24, 2014 Riley Wessels


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