Prophets of Addiction -The Dove & Rainbow, Sheffield, Friday 14th October, 2011
Set List: Babylon Boulevard/Rejection/Alter of Altercation/Self Portrait/Kick It In/Trigger/Still Alive/Where R U Now/Hang Me Up.

I had been looking forward to this gig for a few months after Keith told me it was gonna be happening and you can't beat a gig ojn a Friday night to start the weekend off properly. The Prophets' are a sleazy, dressed like stolen cars and to the nines hard, agressive punky glam band with plenty of make-up and colours galore, topped off with a mass of energy from the dual combination of Washington and LA.

Two of these dudes, Frontman/Bassist, Lesli Sanders have been in some cool bands in their time that include City Girls Boys, Viscious Spit and Pretty Boy Floyd, the latter of which also included Tchad Drats on guitar who can be found in a particular guise of PBF on the 'Size really Does Matter' album that came out a few years since - 2004 to be exact. The line-up is completed by drummer, Jimmy Mess and guitarist, Rev(x) and also gotta mention, Cortley James Everett, a seriously good soundman, who I'd not seen since last November at Fort Myers Beach, Florida, when he was at that time working with 'Where Angels Suffer'.

Audience-wise, it's a good mix of both male and female, some are really into it and sadly some not - their loss as these guys kick as with their 9 song strong set of numbers that are nailed from their self debut release. Highlights of the show included the cool as sh*t the excellent opener that is 'Babylon Boulevard' that kicks it right into 5th gear from the opening note; the Hanoi Rocks'ish 'Hang Me Up'; the great melodic arrangement of a number that is ' Self Portrait' or the excellent singalongness of 'Still Alive'. They play and pose like it's 80's decadence all over again and come across real professional at all times in this Sheffield boozer, getting one or two of the crowd rocking out and doing some freaky dancing at the front of the stage.

This was a throughly enjoyable set even though they cut it slightly short but fear not there are plans for the Prophets Of Addiction to destroy our ears again in this very venue next May - I look forward to it muchly.

By Glenn Milligan



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