Melody Lane Interview

January 2017


Translated from Italian:

MELODY LANE: Hi Lesli, first of all, could you tell us who are today the permanent members of Prophets of Addiction? You, Glenn Gilbert and Jimmy Mess right? Will these guys play both live on tour and on the next release?
LESLI SANDERS: As of right now Prophets Of Addiction is just myself and G.G. on guitar, he shares my vision as to where the band needs to be both sound wise and musicianship wise. I have never felt the band is where I want it musically and if I am going to continue to do this I need to take it to another level. The band had become stagnant and was not fun for me, I want to challenge myself, and I want to be rewarded when I walk off the stage knowing that band was simply amazing, and that is all I care about. Jimmy has left the band a decision that seemed to work for both of us and I will be finding a new drummer to be involved in the writing of the upcoming material, great drummers are generally great arrangers as well, and it would be nice to have input from a song writing drummers perspective.
MELODY LANE: How the “Reunite the Sinners” tour’s gone so far and will you extend it also in 2017? Any chance to see Prophets of Addiction play here in Europe? Will you keep touring also with your solo acoustic show? How audiences are reacting to your acoustic project?
LESLI SANDERS: Well we toured a lot for the Reunite the Sinners release, probably close to 150 shows in the USA. And yes we have planned to come to Europe, but that is in the hands now of the booking agencies which say they are working on it. A return to Australia is also in the works. Currently I am out on a 3 week acoustic solo tour of the USA in support of my new solo release “My Eyes Are Greener on the Other Side.” Next I head to Texas, where myself and G.G. will be doing Prophets Of Addiction “Unplugged” dates as well as working on some new Prophets Of addiction material. I have a few labels interested in hearing what the band will sound like now, so I gotta get em' some material, to see if they are willing to take the next step. The audiences have been great. It is acoustic so I dont expect a frenzy of screaming fans, but those that know the songs are very involved and singing every word.
MELODY LANE: Tell us something about the creative process of Prophets of Addictionmusic. Are you the main composer and do you write all the lyrics or we can talk about a team work?
LESLI SANDERS: In the past I have been the main writer with a little contribution here or there, as we begin working on new material, I am very excited about getting input and having these guys take my ideas and expand on them, and I am excited to take what they came up with and add my ideas, and make this a true collaborative effort all the while keeping the original idea of the band sound wise alive. It is time to take the music somewhere, we need to add a certain “feel” to the music the type of feel that makes a listener have to move, have to tap their feet, they have no choice.
MELODY LANE: What about the new album? Will you release in 2017 and will you collaborate again with Phil Soussan? Can you tell us something about his working method?
LESLI SANDERS: I think it is still to early to decide on that, I need to get music to the right people, and let them see what they think. At that point more decision making will start to happen, and budgets will be discussed.
MELODY LANE: List 3 songs, from the Prophets of Addiction discography, that can define the sound of the band … 3 songs that can help our readers to know Prophets of Addiction at the best …
LESLI SANDERS: Thats a tough question, however if I had to pick three I guess I would say “Hang me Up”, “Self Portrait” and “Spare the Bullets” all of these songs have a certain feel and vibe to them, a swagger that should be there.
MELODY LANE: The legendary Poison guitarist C.C. DeVille played a guest guitar solo on your track “Kings and Queens”. How have you become friend with C.C.? Any chance to have him again on your next releases?
LESLI SANDERS: I have been friends with C.C. for many years since we were both partying. Of course we are both doing great now since the party days are behind us.I called him up asked if he would do it he said “Of course I would love to help you out” I am so grateful for him doing that and it meant the world to me. It was surreal to me, while recording we did the tracking for C.C's solos at Phil Soussans home studio, we took a break and the three of us were in the kitchen and they were telling stories of Poison and Ozzy and I was getting my own private behind the music episode. Then I thought man when I was a teenager if somebody told me I would be at the bass players house from Ozzy and the guy from Poison was recording a solo on one of my songs, I am not sure I would of believed them. I appreciate these experiences in life so much. I am not sure about C.C. recording on the next release or not, of course he is always welcome, and fuck he can join the band if he wants HAHA.
MELODY LANE: What do you think of the actual glam/sleaze scene? Any favorite among the new bands to suggest us?… And could you tell us two bands you’d like Prophets of Addictionto tour with in the next future…
LESLI SANDERS: I am really not that aware of the scene, I kinda just do my thing, I would love to tour with anyone that would put us in front of a beneficial crowd from a business perspective. From a personal view point I would love to tour with Hanoi Rocks/Michael Monroe, Dogs D' Amour, 69 Eyes, Backyard Babies and Prophets Of Addiction….I think that would make a nice little tour package of all that is REAL.
MELODY LANE: Something about your life: who is Lesli Sanders when he’s not playing in Prophets of Addiction or in his solo project? Have you got also a “regular” job and different hobbies other than music, or music is 100% of your life? 
LESLI SANDERS: Music is 100% my life and that is why it can sometimes be so hard to do this, when I find others take this as a joke, hobby or party. I did however recently go to a 4 year university and with honors receive my BA degree. I do have a lot of hobbies ranging from working on cars, sports, fishing, outdoor activities, working in the yard doing artwork.
MELODY LANE: Apart from the MarkyRamone’s band, I read that you played bass also for the Phil Lewis band. How did you get the job as bass player in his solo band? Was it in 1999 when he released the “More purple than black” album? How’s been working with Phil?
LESLI SANDERS: What I did was play with Phil Lewis and we did some shows, Brent Muscat was also in the band at the time it was great fun.
MELODY LANE: Twelve years since your album with Pretty Boy Floyd “ Size does really matters”. What do think today of that album, and can you tell us something about how’s been working with Steve Summers? What about these two songs: Dead and 727? Were written by you right?
LESLI SANDERS: Steve is great, and I had a great time in Pretty Boy Floyd. I am forever grateful to Steve and Kristy for asking me to be part of that band. It was such a fun time playing huge shows, touring with Poison, going to Japan and Europe several times.
I spent quite a few years did many shows played on several recordings and actually wrote all of the songs on”Size Really Does Matter” except for a few lyrics written by Steve. I think that recording had some cool material on it however something went wrong with the mix, we left on tour and the CD was sent to the labels and released, I did not remember the mix sounding so muddy as you can tell by any recording I have ever been involved with that is not up to my satisfaction.
MELODY LANE: …a message to all MELODY LANE readers and followers
LESLI SANDERS: Love you all, supporters of music, please check out my new recordings, please make a purchase and keep true art alive,please support shows that come your way. I have given my life for this and am truly grateful to you all.
Lesli Sanders








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